Vision & Mission


Our vision is for world’s researcher to be the most vibrant and inspiring in research, development & innovation.

The vision of Panacea International Journal is to stretch its international connections further by being associated with the regional organizations for research interpretation and thereby escalating the scientific contribution and development of various parts of the world. Consequently, increased exchange of knowledge and ideas will be promoted.

Letters to the Editor either related to publish articles or to express opinion on a current topic are another means to enhance scientific and professional discussion and exchange.

A further vision of the journal is to enhance its accessibility, and in that way to try to encourage open access to the journal.


Mission of Panacea International Journal is to endorse and buttress, by any means, high quality fundamental, strategic and applied research & development in fields of Medical, Pharmacy, engineering and sciences. We are working to expose quality research outcomes in the form of online portfolio. An additional mission for Panacea International Journal is to be a worldwide forum for research aiming to increase knowledge in evidence-based research.

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