• KM Ritika Upadhyay
  • Mrs. Reena Shende
  • Dr. Satkar Prasad


Numerous joint tissues may be impacted by osteoarthritis, a degenerative joint condition. With over 32.5 million persons affected, it is the most prevalent kind of arthritis. Benefits and drawbacks of traditional drug delivery systems include low solubility and permeability, poor bioavailability, breakdown by GI enzymes, first pass metabolism, need for high doses, and associated drug toxicity. Therefore, the goal of this research is to create a transferosomal gel containing flurbiprofen to treat arthritis. The standard protocol was followed in the formulation and assessment of the prepared gel. According to the results, the F-12 formulation has the highest entrapment effectiveness (73.49%) and the smallest vesicle size (165.58%). The zeta potential of F12 was discovered to be -38.85. Additionally, the optimised gel OTGF1 demonstrated an Extrudability (g) of 185±2.5 g and a Spreadability (g.cm/sec) of 11.15±1.5 g.cm/sec, respectively, according to transferosomal gel evaluation. The measured viscosity of the gel was 32151±8 cps. The estimated percentage of transferosomal gel assay was 98.15±0.32%. The percentage of cumulative drug release at 12 hours was determined to be 92.23.  Following the Higuchi model, the r 2 value from the release Kinetics of the optimised gel of transferosomal gel was found to be 0.990.  Therefore, it may be said that Transfersomal gel was invented for financial gain in order to increase the stability of drug-carrying vesicles and facilitate topical application.

Keywords: Novel drug delivery system, Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis. Transferososme, Flurbiprofen, Transferosomal gel


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