Aakansha Sharma, Pankaj Kumar


Hypertension is one of the well known risk factor related to cardiovascular diseases and calcium channel blockers are the oldest class of anti-hypertensive drugs. Amlodipine besylate belongs to dihydropyridine family and known for effective treatment of hypertension. The aim of the present study is to design a microsphere such that it can be used in the treatment of hypertension in order to decrease dosing frequency, to improve bioavailability and to reduce incidence of adverse effect. The microsphere was prepared by solvent evaporation techniques and were analysed for pre-formulation and post-formulation studies. . Both pre-formulation studies and post-formulation studies showed the satisfactory results. In post-formulation studies, among all the formulation F8 showed the best and satisfactory results in particle size determination, drug entrapment study, swelling index and percentage yield. The drug content in formulation F8 was 92% which is acceptable and stability study also showed good results. Hence, the microsphere formulation formed is stable and optimized.

Keywords:  Hypertension, Bioavailaibility, Microsphere, Optimization.

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