Bhanupriya Taram, Deepial Priya Bennett, Gyanesh Kumar Sahu


Cancer is one of the most fatal diseases in all over the world. Due to which, many countries trying to implement various curable treatments for decades. Since last 20th century new improved methods and treatments were developed like chemotherapy and radiation therapy, which gives an effective result along with surgery. Medicines are also imparted with newly modern changes called as novel drugs and novel drug delivery system (NDDS). Novel drug delivery system (NDDS) is a new approach to gives improved form of medications with its therapeutic effects. This delivery system ease the overall treatment by providing targeted action, controlled release of active pharmaceutical ingredients with maintaining systemic circulations and enhance drugs therapeutic effects with dosage. It includes Microsphere, Nanoparticle, Dendrimer, Liposome, Niosome and Ethosome type of delivery system.


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Cancer, Novel drug delivery system (NDDS), Nanoparticle, Microsphere, Liposome, Niosome.

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