Mashai Wardi, Alraheem Aziz


Humankind has been besieged throughout its evolution by microorganisms that pose a continual challenge to the survival of the species.  Its human rights based approach at Federal as well as State level was vigorously advocated and promoted, laying the foundation for a strengthened nationwide decentralized action aimed at identifying and highlighting disparities, exclusion, inequities, and establishing of a "floor of rights" or basic set of interventions and results for children for the promotion of equity and for the achievement of Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The transition of UNICEF SCO work from one country office to two i.e., Sudan and South Sudan was accomplished. The Juba office was empowered and supported to soon act as a separate country office. Border issues were managed jointly with the Juba office. Despite keen donor interest in supporting South Sudan and a noticeable increased focus on bilateral contributions, UNICEF Sudan was able to reach the CPAP funding target.

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