• Dr Balaji Deekshitulu P V


This is a case-related research article, as I know it was written in the first article on how homeopathy can be used to treat coronavirus? In particular those with 55 years, 38 years and 9 years  old people selected on own interest. This three people suffering from close symptoms of coronavirus have joined. In this I have experimented with the traditional medicines of homeopathy like Ars alb, Influenzum, Bell, Baptisia Dilutions and Aconit Q, Ocimum SancQ, Eup perf Q, Bapti Q, Bryoni Q, Renaculus B with some special patent medicines. The three survived the disease within a week through homeopathic medicines, My point is that people who are on Coronetine and who are on alternative treatment for coronavirus, use these homeopathic medications within 2 hours, and then the coronavirus slows down. So it is good to have a worldwide investigation.

Key Words: Symptoms of Corana and Homeopathy


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