Benhusein GM, Abdelmola ML


Introduction: Vitamin D deficiency considered to be the most popular, widespread problem and undiagnosed medical conditions around the world. It appears to be related to many of health consequences.

Aim: This study is conducted to assess level of knowledge and create good awareness about vitamin D among Tripoli university students.

Method: A Cross sectional study was conducted between May and June of 2016 among male and female students of Tripoli University they were of different ages, classes and faculties.

Results: The majority have good knowledge about vitamin D, it appears that the education was commonest source of knowledge, most of them (87%) are taking vitamin D rich foods, about (28%) did not expose their bodies to the sun, while most of the others exposed to the sun in period less than 15 minutes, additionally only 17% tested 25(OH) D level in their body, 25% have a family member suffering from vitamin D deficiency.

Conclusion: The results of this study show students level regarding the knowledge and attitude toward main sources of vitamin D, nevertheless and based on results of laboratories data, we still require more awareness about this problem.


Key words: Tripoli University; 25-hydroxyvitamin D; Awareness; vitamin D deficiency.

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