Marwa Mohamed AwadAttia, Dr. Sahar Ahmad Shafik, Dr. Nermeen Mahmoud Abdelaziz, Dr. Ons Said EL-Zayat


Background: Liver cirrhosis is associated with a multitude of complications that directly impact on quality of life and lead to significant morbidity and mortality among elderly patient Aim: the study aimed to assess the quality of life of elderly patients with liver cirrhosis in the outpatient clinics. Design: Descriptive research design was applied in this study. Sample:  A purposive sample was equal 72 elderly patients. Setting: medicine outpatient clinic at El-matareya Teaching Hospital (Cairo, Egypt).Tools: two tools was used, first tool: Structural interviewing questionnaire cover demographic characteristics of studied sample, and Patient knowledge about liver cirrhosis. Second tool: Elderly People’s Quality of Life rating scale used to determine the level of quality of life for patient with liver cirrhosis. Result: The study results revealed that 80.0% of study sample had unsatisfactory knowledge about liver cirrhosis and 71.8% of the study sample had poor quality of life. Conclusion: there was highly significant positive correlation between total knowledge scores and total quality of life scores regarding liver cirrhosis among the studied sample.

Recommendation: continuous implementing educational program for patients about liver cirrhosis management.

Key words: Quality of Life, Elderly Patients, Liver Cirrhosis

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