Anjali Sahu


Generally, cell culture, involves utilization of a suspension or a stationary media, which results in the development of cells in an outside atmosphere with suitable conditions. On the other hand, enzymatic action is employed to attain cells for culture, which is the mechanical disaggregation process that is mostly chosen given that the methods give a simpler and less distressing way of achieving cells. The technique involves the segmentation of a tissue into slighter pieces from which the splinted cells is then gathered. On the other hand, primary explants systems can be utilized to attain the cells. Though, this process is principally helpful for the disaggregation of lesser amounts of tissue. Therefore, with the application of animal cell culture methods the utilization of animals in scientific trials will be considerably diminished. The current review mainly focuses in giving a substitute to animal testing by developing cells in a plate and is a feasible means to substitute animals in research.


Key words: - Cell culture, primary explants, disaggregation, suspension, stationary media.


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