Sarika Tiwari, Dr. Sweety Lanjhiyana


Liver has a pivotal role in secreation, metabolism and storage of food and that’s why sometimes referred as the “great chemical factory”of the body depends of the liver to regulate, synthesis store and secreate many Important nutrients, proteins, chemicals and to purify and clear toxins or Unnecessary substance from the body. Study of crude drugs under pharmacognostical schemes involve in liver diseases. Method: Herbal tablet will be made using direct compression method. The plant used in herbal formulation cassia roxburghii and boerhavia diffusa extract was mixed with the excipient and compressed into tablets. Result:- To formulate a tablet dosage form with the help of herbal extract with good efficacy. Conclusion:- Newer medication and better facilities for treating liver disease. Hepatitis is a major problem in human due to various chemicals including therapeutic agents and other enviromental toxins and this can produce illnesses like jaundice which sometimes may lead to even death. Natural products are the best source of remedies for the treatment of diseases including hepatoprotectives.



Hepatoprotective, pharmacognostical, direct compression, secreation metabolism, cassia roxburghii, boerhaavia diffusa.

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