• Ashfaq Shah Department of Electrical Engineering, S. A. T. I. Vidisha - 464001 R.G.P.V. University, (M.P.), India


A high power-factor rectifier suitable for universal line base on a modified version of the single-ended*primary inductance*converter (SEPIC) is* presented in this paper.*The voltage multiplier.*technique is applied to the classical SEPIC.circuit, obtaining new.operation characteristics as low-switch-voltage operation and high* static gain at low.line*voltage. The new* configuration.also allows the reduction of the losses associated*to the diode* reverse.recovery current* and soft*commutation is*obtained with a simple regenerative.snubber circuit. Single -*ended.primary inductance.converter (SEPIC) step up the input voltage 220 Vdc to 1200 Vdc with the switching frequency of 24 kHz. For close loop operation of single-ended primary inductance converter (SEPIC) with PI controller that uses to control the behaviors of the system in linear .This arrangement#has close*loop#system. The*computer program#used#for simulation of%SEPIC is*MATLAB SIMULINK&*. This project*consists of design,*simulating the model and*stability and other analysis of proposed model. Keyword: single-ended*primary inductance*converter (SEPIC), high power factor*(HPF), current*controller (VCi)


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