• Nitin Chandravanshi Department of Electrical Engineering, S. A. T. I. Vidisha-464001 (M.P.), India


Wind energy as a substitute to fossil fuels is abundant renewable extensively dispersed clean and produces no greenhouse gas emissions during procedure. The world has enormous resources of wind power that are to be used. It is predicted that if only 1/10 (one tenth) of available resource like storm potential is put to convert wind energy, all the energy requirements of the world would be completed. In India wind energy production started as previous as 1985. Till now the aggregate established power capacity has accomplished approximately 21,000 MW, saving approximately 935,000 metric tons of coal. In the world wind electrical generation systems are the most cost inexpensive of all the environmentally unsoiled and safe renewable energy sources. The generated wind energy is as powerful as fossil fuel energy and is much cheaper as compared to nuclear power.
By convention, the wind generation systems draw on variable pitch constant speed wind turbines (horizontal or vertical axis) that were coupled to Squirrel cage Induction generators or Self Excited Induction generator or Doubly fed Induction generator Wound-field Synchronous generators Permanent magnet synchronous generator and fed power to utility grids or autonomous loads. Permanent magnet synchronous generator (PMSG) is a Direct Drive form generator; we don’t require gear box and excitation current, so PMSG show good performance in WECS. The permanent magnet synchronous generator based wind energy conversion system can be used in two special ways namely: 1. Isolated standalone system 2. Grid connected system


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