• Tanu Tiwari Department of Electrical Engineering, S. A. T. I. Vidisha - 464001 R.G.P.V. University, (M.P.), India


Today solar power generation is consider as the best of the conventional power generation system because it is clean and does not released harmfully gases to the environment. This thesis proposes a new idea for photovoltaic DC to DC converter with high gain and efficiency under wide input voltage range. The study of open loop and closed loop systems with high gain boost converter and its step increase in input voltage. And we are study the open loop boost converter with implemented with clamper circuit adding and this improved DC to DC boost converter is simulated and modelled using matlab. In This converter fed 12v input and provides the 60v constant output voltage of the PV panel output and load. Simulation results of this system will boost up voltage from12 v to 60 v presented and power conversion efficiency is more than 94%. And performance of the converter is also compared with the conventional converter. Thus these comparisons acknowledge that the proposed converter system has the advantages of high gain and high efficiency with the minimum number of components used in circuit.


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