Mamta Rani, Anil Kashyap Yogi, Guru Deo


In this world every human being wants to live happy and successful life. Life skills play important role in the path of success and happiness. Life skills education empowers and strengthens the abilities to handle issues and problems commonly faced in day to day life efficiently. It plays a crucial role in professional and personal life too. Our academia is familiar with the educational theories and life skills thoughts which were developed by the Western countries. However, we have too little information about our own historical and cultural thoughts in relation to life skills. There are many life skills present in Indian philosophies. Indian classical texts like Yoga Sutra, Bhagwat Gita and Ramayana are such examples which are full of life skill education. The current theoretical attempt is carried out to focus on the interpretation of the certain yoga sutra which are significant to life skills education. The effort is also made to find out life skills education in yoga sutra and its role in the present scenario for successful life.

Keywords: Life Skills, Yoga Sutra, Yoga

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