The alcoholic extract of Moringa oleifera at 200 and 400 mg/kg doses were tested for anti-asthma activity against passive paw anaphylaxis by measuring paw volume using plethysmograph, mast cell stabilization by ex-vivo challenge of antigen in sensitized rat intestinal mesenteries and vascular permeability induced by acetic acid in mice. Dexamethasone, Prednisolone and Indomethacin were used as standard reference drugs. Moringa oleifera exhibited significant anti-asthmatic activity in all above three models and activity was comparable with standard drug. The findings from various studies reveal that the anti-asthmatic  activity of Moringa oleifera may be due to the mast cell stabilizing potential, suppression of IgE, and inhibition of release of inflammatory mediators.


Keywords: Moringa oleifera, antiallergic, anaphylaxis, mast cell stabilization, vascular permeability

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