Pinky Chutel, Peter Jasper Youtham, Sonali Kumawat


CKD is a progressive disease characterized by an increasing inability of the kidneys to maintain normal low levels of the products of protein metabolism, normal blood pressure, hematocrit, sodium, water, potassium and acid-base balance. A cross section study of 50 patients was conducted to find out CKD aetiology, clinical & biochemistry profile, age & sex preference, involvement of other system and requirement of dialysis. Major (81%) aetiology was diabetes & hypertension. There was no sex difference. Anorexia, nausea, vomiting, oliguria, easy fatigability, breathlessness, pedal edema were Common complaints where as Common complications were anaemia, electrolyte imbalance and pulmonary edema. Early diagnosis and proper treatment of conditions like HT, DM, & Renal Stones may retard the progression of renal disease.

Key words: CKD, GFR, HT, DM

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