Najmus Sehar, Maqbool Ahmad Khan, Mohd Naime Tyagi, Mohd Tariq, Jamal Akhtar


Waja-ul- mafasil is a condition of pain or inflammation (waram) in the joints of hands, feet, knee joints and ankle joints. It is a generalized term, which includes all pain-full joints. It affects about 1 % of total population worldwide. In Unani system of medicine, we get scientific description of waja-ul-mafasil and its management. The aim of the present case study was to assess the efficacy of single as well as compound unani drugs formulation used orally, locally and through regimental therapy Bakhoor (steam fomentation) in the management of the disease. The used Unani drugs reduced the joints pain, tenderness, morning stiffness, muscular weakness etc. The efficacy was scientifically evaluated by subjective scores, Rheumatoid Factor quantitative technique and hemoglobin score. After treatment of three months, considerable improvement was observed in signs and symptoms of the disease of the patient. The unani treatment and regime was found effective and safe in management of waja-ul-mafasil.

 Key words: Waja-ul-mafasil, Unani drugs, Rheumatoid Arthritis.

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