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Introduction- Vanga bhasma is the organometallic drug which is successfully treating diseases like Prameha, Krimi, Pandu, Mutrakrichhra, Shweta Pradara, Rakta Pradara, klaibya etc. To get the precise quality of drug it is important to manufacture the drug as per its classical reference. There are number of methods of preparation of Vanga Bhasma are explained in rasagranthas, which includes variation in methods of vishesh shodhana, jaarana and marana. This study is aimed to provide a proper preparatory protocol comprising the detailed description of each and every procedure followed during Vanga bhasma nirman.

Objectives- 1. To prepare Vanga bhasma with special reference to Rasamitram. 2. To assess the quality of prepared Vanga bhasma.3. To develop standard manufacturing procedure of Vanga bhasma.

Materials and methods- Vanga bhasma was prepared by the steps- 1. Samanya shodhana 2. Vishesh shodhana 3. Jarana 4. Marana. The Preparatory procedure and observations were recorded and documented. The final product was then assessed for its quality by carrying out organoleptic, physic-chemical characters. 

Result and discussion- Total no. puta given was 11. No. of cow dunk cakes were decreased after 8th puta consequently from 15 to 12 and then to 10. Average maximum temperature recorded was 587°c. Total weight of Vanga bhasma obtained from 400gm of raw Vanga was 190gm.

Conclusion-   The Vanga bhasma obtained after 11 putas passes bhasma parikshas viz. Varitara, unnama , Nishchandra, Rekhapurnatwa. Color of Vanga bhasma obtained was greyish white. Elemental assay of the Vanga bhasma shows tin as an element 65.18%w/w.  XRD test shows major phase of SnO2. 

Keywords- Bhasma, Vanga Bhasma, Pharmaceu

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Vd Shraddha Panchabhai, Vd Manish Bhoyar, Vd Sudhir Deshpande; Pharmaceutical study of vanga bhasma w.s.r. To rasamitram; Journal of AYUSH 2018:7(3) 45-55.


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