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Panacea International Journals (International Journal of Scientific Education and Research) are peer reviewed journal, is a part of Panacea Research Library, an official publication abode of RSSDC Education Welfare Society. The mission of Panacea International Journals is to provide its readers with up-to-date information relevant to current research in every field and to serve mankind at the highest levels of professional ethical conduct.

Panacea International Journals are worldwide multidisciplinary, peer-reviewed, monthly published, international electronic journal, open access on web, encourage researchers to make fruitful contributions in the fields of various domains. Panacea Research Library is having highly reputed editorial board and is in process of getting indexed in several international indexing agencies.

High profiled experts in their respective field of research are invited for advisory editorial members/referees/reviewers. They can send their detailed C.V. with their field of interest to the email:

Submission of manuscript:

Manuscripts should be submitted to Editor-in-Chief, Panacea Research Library as an attachment file to: or

Important: Decision on your paper within 7 days sharply. *Projected Impact Factor

Vivo Scientia: A National Journal of Science

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International Journal of AYUSH

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International Journal of Biology and Life Sciences (IJBLS)

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International Journal of Chemistry: Panacea Chemica

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International Journal of Nursing and Medical Science (IJNMS) ISSN 2454-6674

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Panacea International Journal of Engineering and Technology PIJET

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Panacea Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences ISSN: 2349-7025

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